Wyze has expanded its line of smart scales with the new Scale X, but is it a better body composition scale than the Withings Body+? Wyze is known for its cheap products in comparison to the competition. However, that low price can sometimes come with nasty tradeoffs such as security vulnerabilities, as was the case with one of its security cameras.

In 2020, Wyze launched its first wearable, a $25 fitness tracker called the Wyze Band with a color display and 10-day battery life. Alongside the fitness tracker, it launched its first smart scale, the Wyze Scale. Both devices marked the company’s foray into the fitness and health space. The Scale X is its third smart scale and it will go up against models from established health tech brands such as Withings which is best known for its smartwatches.

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The Wyze Scale X and the Withings Body+ share the same design language, albeit with their unique individual approach. Both smart scales have a tempered glass surface, LED display, and slip-resistant feet. Since these are bathroom scales, they should be fine when exposed to moisture. However, only Wyze provides an official waterproof rating (IPX3). They are both available in two colors — Black and White — either of which should blend into most bathrooms.

Both Scales Have A Baby Mode

The Wyze Scale X has a baby mode
Baby Mode On Wyze Scale X

These smart scales are not just capable of measuring weight and body mass index (BMI) but also body composition. The Withings Body+ can determine four body metrics — body fat percentage, total body water percentage, muscle mass, and bone mass. On the other hand, in addition to weight and BMI, Wyze’s Scale X is also capable of measuring 11 body metrics including visceral fat, bone mass, protein level, and basal metabolic rate. It also has heart rate measurement but that has to be accessed on the app. The two smart scales can be synced with other health apps, but Wyze only supports Apple Health, Fitbit, and Google Fit, while Withings supports more than 100+ apps, including the aforementioned ones and other popular apps such as Strava, Samsung Health, and Garmin Connect.

The Scale X connects only via Bluetooth and requires a paired device to be nearby to display recorded body composition metrics. In contrast, the Withings Body+ has the advantage of having both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. Not only can it display all recorded metrics on the screen, but by having support for Wi-Fi, users don’t need to have their phones on them or nearby. The recorded data will be automatically synced to the companion app. Withings also says the scale is capable of storing up to 16 readings if it can’t sync with the app. The Scale X is capable of storing measurements locally too and will automatically sync via Bluetooth when a user opens the companion app.

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The two smart scales have some other features in common. They both support up to eight different users with automatic detection, and feature pregnancy, baby, and athlete modes. Wyze has also added pet and luggage modes. Those who pick up the Withings scale will also enjoy a localized weather report when they step on the Body+. The two scales are compatible with Android and iOS, have a weight range of 11 – 400 lbs (5 – 180 kg), and are powered by four removable AAA batteries. However, the Scale X has a battery life of up to 22 months while the Body+ will need new batteries after 18 months.

The Wyze Scale X is the cheaper of the two at $33.99. It also has the advantage of supporting more body metrics and offering longer battery life. On the other hand, the Withings Body+ is currently sold for $80 (the original price is $99.95) but it justifies the higher price tag by having Wi-Fi, support for more health and fitness apps, and being able to display all of its metrics (albeit fewer than what Wyze offers) on the screen.