iOS 16 Release Date: Here’s What You Need To Know Now

iOS 16 Release Date

iOS 16 might still be months away from release, but iPhone users can choose to test out the new features and improvements before everyone else.

iOS 16 has now officially been announced and is due to become available to iPhone users later this year. Each time a new version of iOS is released, iPhone users gain access to new features and an improved user experience in general. The release of iOS 16 is going to be no different with plenty of upgrades and new experiences already confirmed, including the ability to edit and delete iMessages after they’ve been sent.

During the company’s WWDC event each year, Apple tends to provide an early look at its latest iPhone operating system. This was also the case this year when Apple previewed iOS 16 at WWDC 2022. However, the event wasn’t just for iOS, with the company also confirming some of the changes that will be coming to iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch as well. Considering the close relationship an iPhone has with these other product lines, their updates can also impact on the daily experience of an iPhone user.

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The new iOS 16 won’t officially become available until the fall of 2022. Apple has yet to confirm the exact date it will be available to download on a compatible iPhone, but September is typically when the company makes the latest version of iOS available to the general public. In between now and then, Apple will look to polish the experience and iron out any issues or bugs. For those that are eager to try out the latest iPhone features and improvements before then, there are some options.

The IOS 16 Beta Has Already Begun

Apple iPhone iOS 16 Lock Screen Widgets Photo Depth Effect

Technically, it is possible to download iOS right now in beta form. However, this version of iOS is designed with developers in mind. Apple released the developer preview of iOS 16 on June 6th, 2022, the same day it was officially previewed at WWDC. Even though this version is aimed at developers, the company is also planning to release a public beta starting next month. Just like last year’s iOS 15 public beta, this one will be available to many more people and can be a good way to test out the latest version of iOS before its general release. It is worth keeping in mind that the public beta includes pre-release software so it may not be as stable or as reliable as what iPhone users currently experience or expect.

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For reference, iOS 16 is not going to be available to all iPhone owners. Apple tends to drop support for some of the very oldest devices due to various reasons and this means only those with an iPhone 8 or newer will be able to download iOS 16 when it is released. This also means that only those with an iPhone 8 or newer will be able to take part in the iOS 16 public beta when it goes live next month.

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