Huawei Watch GT Runner Is Now Officially Available In Canada

Huawei Watch GT Runner Is Now Officially Available In Canada

While Huawei has exited the U.S. market, it still has a presence in neighboring Canada, and its latest product for the market is the Watch GT Runner.

After launching in China in November 2021 and getting a European launch in January 2022, the Huawei Watch GT Runner is now available in Canada. Although Huawei has exited the U.S. market, it hasn’t left the North American continent. Several of its products still make it to Canada, albeit months after being launched in China and Europe.

A visit to the Huawei Canada website will reveal a handful of products such as smartwatches, laptops, monitors, and earbuds, most of which were announced after the U.S. ban. There are also a few smartphones from its flagship series, but they ship with Huawei Mobile Services and not Google Mobile Services. Unfortunately, none of Huawei’s foldable smartphones are available to purchase in Canada.

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If its name didn’t already give it away, the Huawei Watch GT Runner is a wearable targeted at runners. This also shows in its sporty design, which is a sharp contrast to the stylish Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro. The smartwatch is only available in black and is pretty light as it weighs just 38.5 grams. This is despite packing a large 1.43-inch display. Huawei is selling the watch via its official store on Amazon Canada for CA$398 and is shipping all orders made before June 19, 2022, with a free Huawei (smart) Scale 3 worth CA$69.

The Watch GT Runner Has 2 Weeks Of Battery Life

The Huawei Watch GT Runner has a battery life of up to 2 weeks

The screen is an AMOLED panel with a 466 × 466 resolution, and it is housed in a case made from polymer fiber and attached to silicone straps. All of the basic health tracking features are present — from heart rate monitoring to blood oxygen level measurement to sleep tracking to stress detection, the Watch GT Runner has got it covered. What gives it an edge over its other smartwatches are the sports features it packs. It doesn’t just track calories burnt and distance covered. The Watch GT Runner has a feature called Running Ability Index, which it claims efficiently and accurately determines a user’s running ability based on their running heart rate, pace and distance.

Additionally, a Training Load feature provides users with essential details such as when to rest and the amount of training to do to avoid injury. An artificial intelligence running coach also uses data garnered from a user’s weekly workout data to plan their schedule for the following week. In addition, the running smartwatch watch allows users to customize their running plans based on several factors such as gender, weight, height, and heart rate. These training plans get synced automatically to the watch, and when running, a real-time voice trainer will provide important details such as heart rate and pace.

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Huawei’s smartwatch runs HarmonyOS 2.1, and it has access to a library of apps via the Huawei AppGallery store. Other features of the Huawei Watch GT Runner are a built-in dual-band GNSS module with support for five satellite systems for accurate positioning, built-in storage so users can load podcasts and audiobooks onto the watch, route sharing, and a microphone and speaker for taking calls on the watch. It also has a barometer, compass, NFC, and Bluetooth. On top of all these, the Huawei Watch GT Runner has a battery life of up to two weeks and supports wireless charging.

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