Over the years, Apple has developed such an ecosystem that most of its devices can communicate with each other while allowing users to enjoy similar functionality. For instance, users can send and receive payments to other Apple users using the Messages application on their iPhone or Apple Watch. If that seems like too much effort, users can simply ask Siri to send a payment to a particular user.

Such a functionality comes with a deep-rooted synchronization within the products manufactured by Apple. It enables multiple features, including the recently launched Universal Control, allowing users to use the same pair of input devices (keyboard and mouse) with their iPad and MacBook. Another example of this seamless connectivity is how users can copy and paste images across their iPhones and iPads with the help of the three-finger pinch gesture.

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To send or request money via Apple Messages, open the application and tap on an existing or new conversation. From the options located below the text field, select Apple Cash and enter the amount. To send the amount, tap ‘Pay’ and confirm the payment using the iPhone’s passcode, Touch ID, or Face ID. If users want to request a payment, they should tap on the ‘Request’ button after entering the amount. Those receiving a payment request should view it in the Apple Messages application and follow the steps above to make a payment.

Users Can Send Payments Through Apple Watch & Apple Cash

The Apple Cash Card, available in the wallet app.

Likewise, users can send money and respond to payment requests from their Apple Watch. To make a payment, open the Messages app, select the conversation, tap on the App Store button and select Apple Cash. Then, tap on the minus/plus sign or use the Digital Crown to set the amount and tap ‘Pay’ to double-check the amount entered and cancel if it is wrong. Finally, users should double-click the side button to send the payment if everything seems right. Similarly, to accept a payment request, open it in Apple Messages and follow the steps given above to send money. Those who want to request payment using an Apple Watch should swipe right on the ‘Pay’ button and select the ‘Request’ button.

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Users can even send money in the Apple Wallet application using Apple Cash. To do so, users should open the Wallet application on their iPhones and tap on their Apple Cash card. Then, tap on ‘Request’ or ‘Send’ and select or add the person, followed by entering the amount. Once done, tap on ‘Send with Messages’ or ‘Request with Messages’ and review the transaction before confirming it. One can also send payments via Apple’s powerful voice assistant Siri by waking up the assistant and saying a sentence that mentions the receiver’s name and the amount to be sent. Siri will immediately convert the voice command into a transaction request, and users should tap on the ‘Send’ button to complete it. It is important to mention that users must accept a payment to receive it.